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In today’s modern workplace, teams come together from around the world to get things done. Microsoft Teams Rooms helps those teams keep everyone engaged and creates an inclusive experience for people in the room and remote viewers. Today’s update of the Microsoft Teams Rooms app brings a new content camera feature that enables users to intelligently include a traditional whiteboard into their Teams meeting. Powered by Artificial Intelligence in the Microsoft cloud, a dedicated content camera intelligently detects, crops and frames the in-room whiteboard and shares its content with remote meeting participants. Even when a presenter moves in front of the whiteboard remote participants will be able to see the content right through them.

Work like you are in one place, with Microsoft Teams Rooms


Content camera with intelligent capture
The room user experience is simple: during a meeting, a presenter uses the console to select the Content Camera and from there the app can intelligently detect, crop. and frame the whiteboard. Content drawn on the board is shared with remote meeting participants.

Start content camera in the roomStart content camera in the room


Remote attendees get a clear view of the whiteboard even when a presenter moves around in front of it, which makes the presentation easier to follow and keeps everyone engaged.

Remote attendee viewRemote attendee view

Easy to Deploy
IT Admins can add a certified content camera (using a USB 2.0 cable or extender) to a free USB port in the Microsoft Teams Rooms system. After the content camera is connected to the Microsoft Teams Rooms, the admin can select the respective camera for content input in the app’s Device Settings menu.  You can find more details on the setup here:

A select set of Logitech and Crestron cameras are certified and available on the Teams devices showcase*. You can add a content camera to your existing Microsoft Teams Room(list here)**.
Supported content camerasSupported content cameras
*Additional cameras will get added to this list over time.
** The update for Surface based Microsoft Teams Room devices will start to rollout in the next few weeks.

Microsoft partners offer mounting systems that allow camera placement in your meeting spaces that gives the best results for whiteboard capture. The Logitech and Crestron camera and mount bundles are the first available, others will follow soon (Link to bundles)

Introducing solutions for special spaces with certified DSPs and ceiling tiles
We are also pleased to announce that our certification now includes DSPs (digital signal processor) and Ceiling tiles, a more flexible option for customer rooms. Solutions from industry leaders such as Sennheiser, Crestron and Biamp will soon be available through your AV Integrator channels and on the Microsoft Teams Devices Showcase in the US and Canada.

With a combination of a Microsoft Teams Room, a DSP, one or more ceiling tiles or mics, and a range of powerful cameras, you will also be able to cover diverse space types such as large meeting rooms, multi-purpose rooms (MPRs) and auditoriums, all with a consistent user experience across the full spectrum of spaces.

What else is new from our partners?
We are excited to announce the availability of several recently certified Microsoft Teams Rooms and peripherals that provide great meeting and call experiences for your conference rooms.

Logitech Tap is now available globally as pre-configured small, medium, and large meeting room solutions with everything you need for video meetings with Microsoft Teams Rooms

  • Crestron released a set of products including their newly certified Crestron UCC160-T Integrator Kit to build solutions for extra-large rooms, MPRs and auditoriums, the single display systems UC-M130-T, UC-B130-T and UC-B140-T, and the Flex UC-B160-T including the Crestron Soundbar with integrated camera.
  • Yealink expanded their portfolio with their new MVC-500 and MVC-800 Microsoft Teams Rooms bundles that now support the Yealink wireless USB dongle-based projection fully integrated with their Microsoft Teams Rooms systems.
  • Sennheiser successfully completed the SP30 speakerphone Microsoft Teams certification for Microsoft Teams Rooms.
  • Jabra today is releasing the Jabra PanaCast, a plug-and-play camera Certified for Microsoft Teams, designed to improve meetings in huddle rooms using three 13-megapixel cameras and patented real-time video stitching to give a full panoramic 180° view so users can enjoy a natural, inclusive human perspective, with no blind spots.

These great additions to our Microsoft Teams Rooms systems and peripherals give our customers choices for small huddle to large conference rooms across all our Microsoft Teams Room system partner.
Microsoft Teams Room partnerMicrosoft Teams Room partner

Simplified user interface
As announced in our July Microsoft Teams Room update we aligned the Teams calling and meeting experiences and made the UI consistent across Teams clients for all your users. With this recent update we did some additional improvements to simplify the user experience and moved the settings option into a new side bar that is accessible via “More” on the console.


New UINew UI


New sidebarNew sidebar

Microsoft Teams Rooms brings an easy to use and consistent experience to all your meeting spaces, and Artificial Intelligence helps to keep everyone engaged and included.

Let´s get started today and modernize your meeting rooms and check out our certified bundles at

- Christian Schacht, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Microsoft Teams Rooms

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