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10 game-changing integrations for Teams that you don't want to miss!

Published Apr 01 2019 07:00 AM 40.6K Views

*We are happy to report that in the short amount of time since this filming, 500,000 organizations are now using Microsoft Teams around the world!


It seems like not long ago we were all complaining about the scarcity of tools in the workplace. Nowadays? It’s scarcity of attention we’re battling, caused by an overabundance of tools. We’re constantly toggling between apps to answer emails. Chat with colleagues. Launch meetings. Make to-do lists. Share files. On and on and on. Making us less focused and more stressed.


To ease this stress, we created Microsoft Teams to give you a single platform to get work done, better. A lot of you have been asking how to use (Teams) to its full capabilities. Look no further. Today, we’re happy to share with you 10 Microsoft Teams integrations you can use every day to simplify workflows, refocus your attention, and get back to working smart—not harder. Time to make your apps work for you. For more details on each integration, click the links below or check out our original post.


10 game-changing integrations in Teams that you don't want to miss:


1. Funnel customer feedback straight into Teams: Twitter


2. Transform the way you work: ServiceNow 


3. Your very own automated administrative assistant:


4. Organize any of life’s projects: Trello


5. Run polls in tandem with your conversations: Polly


6. Celebrate your organization’s culture and values: Disco


7. Help teams deliver value to customers faster by releasing earlier, more often, and more iteratively: Jira


8. Bring more structure to online brainstorming: MindMeister


9. Bring creative work to team work: Adobe Creative Cloud


10. Build software in the way that works best for you: GitHub


Bringing these apps and tools together in Teams is a great way to bring focus back to your workflow. They’re easy to integrate and offer something for everyone, whether you’re developing software, managing projects, or gathering customer feedback. And with new apps going live on Teams every day, your next productivity superpower is only a few clicks away. Check the Teams App Store so you don’t miss out, and keep checking back here for additional tips, integration recommendations, and stories on how to do more with Teams.


Finally, for IT admins, enabling these solutions for your organization just got much easier with our improved App Policies, allowing you more granular permissions for these integrations, and more!


This is a great overview on the real tangible benefits of integrating these apps. Thanks for this @Jace Moreno 


appreciate that @Christopher Hoard <fist bump>

New Contributor
While I really like the integrative nature of Teams I get frustrated that some of the more popular ones don't end up as native functionality within Teams. I would love to see native "Calendly-like" capabilities in Teams and a Group calendar without having to copy a Group URL from OWA and making a webpage tab.

completely hear you @Tim Banting. Have you tried CalendarBOT?

Hi @Jace Moreno great stuff here.  I just want to call out an important note about the MindMeister integration.  It is not available for all SKUs...only education and enterprises miss out on this one unfortunately. 


See details in my comment on this article and the comments from a MindMeister representative on another TechCommunity post.


@Jeremy Miller GREAT call, thanks for the heads up. We are all over it, just got off the phone with them.


@Jeremy Miller just wanted to follow-up. I spoke to our PMs and the MindMeister team, and we have their integration enabled for all SKUs. (Assuming you're not this person) Have you checked with your IT admin to make sure they've enabled MindMeister in your tenant?

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@Jace Moreno The link for the Github integration seems to be Enterprise-only? Is there a version available for normal accounts?

@Jace Moreno Sorry for the very late reply but I am a global admin for the multiple tenants.  I have the ability to add MindMeister in an EDU tenant but not in an Enterprise tenant.

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