Learn Organizational Reporting: Unable to identify users

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I have recently set up the Microsoft Learn Organizational Reporting service for our organization but would require your assistance with the user identification as couldn't find an answer from the public documentation.


Here's my problem and what I've already tried:


  • The userID's provided by the org. reporting service do not match with our company Microsoft Entra user ObjectID's. Due to this it's impossible to identify the users.
  • I have followed set up instructions provided at: https://learn.microsoft.com/en-us/training/support/org-reporting-setup and https://learn.microsoft.c...
  • I have verified that the tenant ID's are the same in both the reporting service data export and the Microsoft Entra user export.
  • Potential root cause: Our users have initially registered to the Microsoft Learn using their personal accounts (as it's the best practice) and linked their account to our company when they joined our company. I think the tool is actually reporting their personal ID's.

Please advice, how can we identify the users?


Thanks in advance!

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Unfortunately I have no experience using the Learning organizational reporting feature. Looking at the list of fields the service does not offer what you are looking for anyway.

May I ask why you need the mapping? if its related to determining the people in organization which have certain certifications related to solution area's use the Downloads hub.

Create report, select trainings as the report and choose lifetime. The csv contains various info including learn e-mail (always a live-id/the personal account) and the corporate e-mail ánd the MCP ID.

That should be enough to identify who have which exams/certs!


Appreciate your suggestion@Martijn Breet 


Main reason for testing out the Learning Organizational reporting is to improve our current certifications/exams reporting with the Applied Skills credentials. The Applied Skills are not available through the Partner Center Insights as of today and have been unable to get a roadmap for it.


Secondary benefit is the built-in data transfer from Microsoft Learn to Azure subscription which would remove the need for custom solution for the data export.


According to the Microsoft developer documentation identification shouldn't be an issue, or I have totally misunderstood the instruction.

  • "To get Progress records with displayName for users in your tenant:
    • Join your own Microsoft Entra data objectId with the tenant-specific Users dataset AADObjectId
    • Join the tenant-specific Users dataset userId to the Progress userId
    • Select your own Microsoft Entra data displayName and applicable progress data."