Exam DP-500 now live: Prove your skills as an Azure enterprise data analyst


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Earn the new Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certification


We’re happy to announce that Exam DP-500: Designing and Implementing Enterprise-Scale Analytics Solutions Using Microsoft Azure a... is now live and out of beta. A passing score on this exam is the only requirement to earn the new Microsoft Certified: Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certification.


If you passed the beta exam, the exam and certification will be reflected on your certifications dashboard in your Microsoft Learn profile approximately 10 business days from today. Your new digital badge will also be there.


Don’t forget to celebrate and share your achievement. To add your newly acquired skills and badge to your LinkedIn profile and to help you stand out in your network, follow the instructions in your congratulations email. Or, to share your badge, follow the instructions in your Certification Dashboard.


Considering this certification?

The following steps can help you skill up for the exam:


Are you ready to take your data analysis skills to the next level with Azure and Power BI? Skill up for Exam DP-500, and earn your Azure Enterprise Data Analyst Associate certification. Validate that you have what it takes to design, create, and deploy enterprise-scale data analytics solutions. Support your team and organization—and help open career doors—as you prove your ability to advise on data governance, visualize data, and perform advanced data analytics at scale with solutions that include Azure and Power BI.


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Thank you, I was eagerly waiting for this since the time it was announced (in one of the PBI Community Show). To summarize, below apps/services/tools are mandatory to have hands-on.

Implement and manage a data analytics environment (25–30%)
-Requires Azure Purview, Power BI Premium Capacity, Azure Synapse Analytics (with ADLSg2)

Query and transform data (20–25%)
-Azure Synapse Analytics SQL pool (with ADLSg2), Power BI dataflows, AML models

Implement and manage data models (25–30%)
-Power BI Premium, DAX Studio (Free), Tabular Editor (Free), Vertipaq Analyzer (Free)

Explore and visualize data (20–25%)
-Azure Synapse Analytics Spark notebooks, Power BI Premium

Is it possible to have a MS Learn sandbox having all the above to prepare for this certification?