Why do I have less options for corporate owned devices in MEM?

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Corporate owned phone with WP:


Personal owned phone with WP:



Why do I have less options for the corporate owned devices?

Why cant I send custom notifications to corporate owned devices or force a sync?


Thanks for anyone engaging.


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Is there none who can answer this question?
As it doesnt make much sense to me that I have more options on non corporate owned devices...

In the screenshot I can see "android" so the sync option is not available in Intune you will need to do this from the play store
Play store --> Android Device Policy --> Open it and force sync from there.

Or maybe powershell would work? don't for certain..but we are using it when we need to sync a lot of devices at the same time

$Devices = Get-IntuneManagedDevice -Filter "contains(operatingsystem, 'android')"
Foreach ($Device in $Devices)
Invoke-IntuneManagedDeviceSyncDevice -managedDeviceId $Device.managedDeviceId
Write-Host "Sending Sync request to Device with DeviceID $($Device.managedDeviceId)" -ForegroundColor Yellow

But yes... you are correct its weird its missing
Thanks for the reply, at least one part is solved.
But I assume that you also dont have the Option for a remote session or to send a custom notification.