Restarting Windows PC's daily using CSP RebootCSP

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I have a requirement to restart client Windows 10 PC's enrolled in Intune (no on-prem SCM) on a daily basis. The Custom Config Policy CSP "RebootCSP" (./Vendor/MSFT/Reboot/Schedule/DailyRecurrent) works well, *provided* that the computers are actually awake at the time when the reboot is scheduled. Lo and behold, when I inspect the scheduled tasks that have been created on the client PC's with for this policy, the task option to "Wake computer to perform task" is unchecked, so they do not reboot at the schedule time. The result is that when folks wake up their PC's first thing in the work day, they immediately get the message that a reboot as been issued. Not what we want.


I'm wondering, in general, how can I also ensure that the computer is set to wake automatically to perform this scheduled task, without having to write some separately deployed PowerShell script? Unlike conventional GPO for creating Task Scheduler objects, I'm not seeing how to tweak the settings for the associated task via the CSP.


If PS is the only way to go, and anyhow has done this sort of thing before (and/or has a better way) help/direction would be greatly appreciated.




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@Bob Manjoney Did you ever get a solution to this? I'm currently chasing down this exact solution.

@christian_capellan No, unfortunately I still have no solution.