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Hi all,


I am unsure what personally owned means when talking enrollment using Work Profile.


In my head there is personally owned and corporate owned but how does the work profile know what is what?


Is a work profile always going to be a personal device? even if the company dis purchase it?


These Samsung Galaxy A3 phones are not able to do the Enterprise Enrollment for fully dedicated or fully managed.

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Hi @RippieUK ,


If you enroll an Android device by installing the Company portal the device is enrolled as (with) Android Enterprise Work profile. It cannot see if the company owns the device or this is a personal device. It just creates a work profile container on the device and in that container Android apps are installed which you deploy with Intune. In that container you company data is accessed.
In the personal part of the device (everything outside the work profile) the user can use personal apps, like Facebook, Twitter etc.

This Work profile solution can be used for both personal and corporate owned devices, but you as an Intune admin don`t have real control over the device itself.

More info can be found for example in this blog




@Peter Klapwijk Thank you for that information. So under the enrollment restrictions, it would be a bad idea to block allow personal for Android Enterprise - Work Profile :) 


@RippieUK That would be a bad idea.

What is the reason Fully managed isn`t supported on the A3? Fully managed is supported on Android 7 and later. I thought the A3 is updated to Android 8?

@Peter Klapwijk i honestly thought those devices was not enterprise ready, I will need to test to see after a wipe if i click randomly a few times on the first screen if that start the enterprise setup :)