MAM protected apps; Word, Excel, Powerpoint, Office365, Onenote are not working on iOS 15 RC

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We have issues with several Microsoft apps like word, excel, powerpoint, they crash as soon as MAM policy kicks in. I'm also enrolled in Testflightprogram but there are no MS app updates .. 

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H, Mmm I guess I need to update a test device tonight....

Do you also have conditional access in place to for requiring app protection or?

Not yet, we are working on it, but that's another (long) story :)

Just tested my second iphone with the ios 15 updates... all apps were working like they should

1. Onedrive works
2. Sharepoint apps works
3. Outlook works
4. Teams works
5. Opening files from all these apps to excel/word works.

6.Edge works also


DO you have the MFA app (broker app) installed on the device or do you use the company portal app as broker?