iOS - how to block OneDrive account from showing in iCloud Files app MAM policy on unmanaged device

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I have an app protection policy targeting my 365 mobile apps (including OneDrive) with following settings: 

My problem is that on the iOS device, I can open iCloud files app and see the OneDrive account with files.

I am able to select a file and copy straight into iCloud. How can I prevent this behavior?


Backup Org Data to iTunes or iCloud Backup: Block


Send org data to other apps: Policy managed apps with Open-In/Share filtering


Select apps to exempt: Default: tel;telprompt;skype;app-settings;calshow;itms;itmss;itms-apps;itms-appss;itms-services;


Save copies of org data: Block


Allow user to save copies to selected services: OneDrive for Business & SharePoint


Receive data from other apps: All Apps with incoming org Data

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@77Admin What type of policy did you create? Next quetion: what type of device you're testing on? Managed or unmanaged? 




@JanBakkerOrphaned I'm working with unmanaged policy on unmanaged device