iOS Device Restriction Settings - Enable Outlook to save managed contacts to device

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Hello guys,

I am struggling with a specific use-case: I would like to allow users to save Outlook contacts (company email == company contacts) to the native iOS contacts app. Outlook is a managed app and is available to all users.


Now I am not quite sure based on the recent blog and the official documentation how to configure it properly without allowing un-managed apps (like WhatsApp) so see or sync the managed contacts that were synced from Outlook to the native contacts app.


Especially the official documentation is a bit confusing. On the setting Viewing non-corporate documents in corporate apps it states that it blocks "viewing non-corporate documents in unmanaged apps". Which does not make sense from my point of view. Instead it should be "prevents viewing corporate documents in unmanaged apps" or am I missing something?



Just to rephrase my use-case and what I want to achieve, for better understanding:

I want to log-in in Outlook with my work account and sync my business contacts to the native iOS contacts app. However, I want to prevent unmanaged apps to be able to see or sync the business contacts.


Currently I have the device restriction profile configured as follows:



Thank you for your help!

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