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Hi Everyone,
Is there a way that I can force app inventory for MDM/DEP whether Apple or android? The objective is helping my customer to have clear vision on all apps installed in their Corp phones.

I can see some apps in Monitor->discovered apps but not not everything. For example, I have test phone DEP/MDM managed and has Whats app installed but don’t see it in Discovered Apps.

Thanks for your time and any help will be appreciated!
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@Moe_Kinani  By default, the report of apps should refresh every 7 days from the time of device enrollment.


Note: Android Enterprise Fully Managed and Dedicated do not display discovered apps.

Yes, it doesn’t work as expected though. Thought there is some way to force the inventory!
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@Moe_Kinani  I don't believe there is a way to update the app inventory on demand. Discovered apps are reporting back correctly in my Intune tenants, as per Microsoft's documentation. This feature needs improvement though.


There's a UserVoice for what you are asking for:

Thanks @eglockling for your reply!