Intune keep device information after deletion

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Does  intune keep device information after deletion ?


Here the test made :


User is in an auto-enrollment group.

His device is auto-enrolled in intune when he joined Azure AD

The device ownertype is corporate.


The same  device is deleted from intune then azure.

Windows is reinstalled on the device


The user install a corporate app on the fresh installed  device

The device is now registered in Azure, and also enrolled in  intune


The device state in Azure is  : Registered

The device state in Intune is : managed

But the ownership is Corporate !


Why ? the state should be personal

It s like intune keep informations about this device.


the same test was made with a device that has never join azure and the device ownership is personal

The test was made with the same user)


any idea or information about this issue ?

thanks for your help




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Hallo @eli_sorow
Have you tried to Cleanup Windows Autopilot registrations? 

All devices are getting registered by several attributes like Model, Manufacturer, Serial Number and unique Hardware Hash. This is how Windows Autopilot recognizes a device as soon as it starts and connects to the cloud service. if any of these attributes are not cleaned up, then you might face such an issue. 

Here is a link that might guide you through the cleanup process:  Cleanup Windows Autopilot registrations – Modern IT – Cloud – Workplace (


@ShadyKhorshed  thanks for your answer

autopilot is not used to enroll devices.

devices are enrolled when a user join azure or register a device

there is not OOB experience. devices have already windows installed

in fact no device found in windows autopilot devices




Did you have a AP profile assigned that may have converted the existing enrolled devices into AP? Have you checked if the devices in question show up as AP in Azure or not?


No AP configuration on the tenant

what you said for auto pilot it's also true for any azure ad join device.

here the answer from MS support :


once your device are enrolled into Intune by Azure AD join as company-owned device, there will be a tag in Azure server showing that this device will be marked as corporate. However once you delete the device through Azure and Intune, the device record with specific serial number and hardware hash keep remain in the server and hence after enrollment by company portal the device will still showing as corporate.


i'm still waiting for the how long and how to clean answers.


thanks again for your help.

i will share any extra information from MS.