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Intune iOS Prevent Screen Capturing in managed or specific apps

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is it possible to block screeen captures in specific apps on iOS? It would be very useful, especially for the Outlook app. We don't want to block all screenshots on the devices.


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Hi RSParkway,

This one is not possible with IOS, because it needs to be allowed by Apple. Apple does not allow application to control the underlying IOS.

That’s why it’s available on Android but not IOS.

Hope this helps!
There has been an update from Intune.
Now you can block iOS Screen Capture.
Device restriction - General - Apply to all enrollment types - Block screenshots and screen recording: Yes prevents screenshots or screen captures on devices. In iOS/iPadOS 9.0 and newer, it also blocks screen recordings.
This is great, thanks for sharing!
This blocks screenshots entirely correct? I would like to see a setting that does that specifically for org data in APP for iOS/iPadOS/Android. I supposed if you you really wanted to get around this you could take a picture from another device but it still would be nice to have the option.

@jjrodgers From my testing, yes , that applies to the entire device.  Not just apps managed by Intune 

Thank you for your reply, I was looking for preventing the users from screenshot company’s data, but if that not possible I will only use MAM policies to protect the corporate data and ignore the blocking of screenshots until apple give the applications access to those system features.
You are correct.
The iOS setting will block the whole device, which is quite annoying.

It is a setting from the Device restriction profile, not from the MAM setting. Thus it applies to the whole device. You don't really want to do that to your users, it's a bit intrusive.

And like you said, people could just take photos with another device. Applying this setting will not really stop the culprit but punish good users, which are most of your staff.

On the other hand, Android has this setting in MAM policy, which can block screenshot per protected apps.

Hi Friend 

Do you have step by step on this ?? 
Intune iOS Prevent Screen Capturing in managed or specific apps



same here we need like Android to be able to prevent screenshot only for managed App on iOS  ... Do you find something ? 

Sorry for the late reply.

Create configuration profile for iOS, use Settings catalog, then search the setting called "Allow Screen Shot".

But this blocks the screen capturing at device level, not app level. User can't screenshot at all on the iPhone.