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I'm looking for a way to capture information from Device Properties from Devices within Intune For Education using a Powershell module or Microsoft Graph. 


information I'm interested in capturing but not limited to the listed of information 

- Recent Check-Ins

- Model

- Serial Number


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Have you checked the Intune Powershell examples (

That is a really good place to start. I would check out the script I linked. If it's not what you need, just send me a reply

@Thijs Lecomte thank you for responding to my post. I been able to locate all the information i needed from using MS Graph except the list of user that would appears under "Recent Check-In" in Device Details.



I did look through GitHub but couldn't find the information on how capture list of users listed under "Recent Check-In" for a Azure AD Join device. 


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So you are trying to get the users whom have last checked into the device?
Is this something you view from the regular Intune portal ATM? (trying to recreate your question)

@Thijs Lecomte  Again thank you for responding.


So you are trying to get the users whom have last checked into the device? Yes


The last part I need to for the script is to get a list of users the recently check-in on that device. The information I'm trying to get can be view by selecting Intune for Education from Office 365 Admin Center --> Device --> select a Device --> next select "Go to Device details". In Device Detail on the left side, it shows anyone that check-in into the device.


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Hi Larry

I have just played around a bit.
I didn't find anything about specific Graph version for Education, so it seems all the same to me.

I did find that if you use:
It will return a list of users. I haven't found documentation if this returns a list of the recent users or of the current logged on user.

But could you try this out?

Find an ID of a device by running ""

If you have the userID, run the following query to get the object:

FYI: is an awesome site to test out Graph queries.

Hit me up when you have tested it!