Intune enrolled; multiple Office 355 accounts withing Outlook for iOS

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Hi, we manage our users's iPhone devices via Intune. Is it possible to enroll the device, then have 2 different Office 365 accounts login to Outlook for iOS app? We require the CEO and CFO's assistant to be able to access their boss's mail, calendar as well as their own.




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Microsoft tech response:


Regarding your requested information, Outlook does not allow 2 managed account on the same device, this is by design of the app and Intune can not control this, In this URL you can find this important information:

“For OneDrive and Outlook apps, you can only use one work account. Adding multiple work accounts are blocked on these apps. You can however, remove a user and add a different user on the device.”



While Outlook app does not allow 2 managed device accounts. You can try a mix of MAM\MDM in Outlook app and built in mail app.

For e.g If your enforce MAM on Outlook app. Add the first account in Outlook app.

If you allow EAS with enrollment, you can later add the second account in the built in email app.

This will only work for iOS devices



Do you mean that you want to the CxO and the CxO-assistant to share an iPhone - like the CxO passes her/his phone to the assistant and says "free up some time next Thursday for a meeting with company".?


Unless you really mean that they would share the phone, you probably want the outlook client being managed with MDM/MAM to support delegated access to other mailboxes. I.e. have CxO-assistant read bosses email and manage the calendar while logged in as the assistant.


You may not be aware but Exchange and thus Office 365 has the ability to have "delegate" permissions, with some use cases specifically designed for CxO assistants. (see


Now if both CxO and Assistants MUST use iOS and carrying two iphone's isn't an option then you can do the delegated option with OWA for iOS (


If OWA isn't acceptable then based on uservoice these two features are probably what you need implemented:


Of course if the assistants are not restricted to iOS - say they carry/use a tablet or PC then you could use full Outlook 2016 with either multiple mailboxes open (using delegation) or using multiple profiles with two logins, or use web mail with multiple browsers - one for CxO and one for assistant's mailbox.


I hope some of this is helpful.



@Brett Lindsey MS needs to redesign or allow multiple manage account.

I am employee to an consultancy company where we use O365 account and I was working to a client work and Client company is also using O365. If I want to see emails on this both either i need to remove one account in my phone , its really painfull. We cannot carry two Iphone in hand, Since O365 was accepted globally in all major company and converting towards it MS , needs to redesign and come up with new solutions. Not only outlook , MS teams , Onedrive and other office tools all are affected .


@Kumarakrishnan - I second your thoughts. I work for an IT Managed Service Provider. A few of our accounts are managing their devices with inTune and we have individual email accounts for most of our clients. Our company and pour clients require us to use Outlook only. Are we expected to carry 1 phone for each client?


This is a big downside ATM.

What I do sometimes is create a work profile on my phone and have two separate instances of Outlook.

Less than ideal, I know...

I also facing the same pblm. not able to access office 365 from 2 different client. Currently im using 2 devices for 2 emails
Hello Sir,

Could you please help on how to setup MAM/MDM in outlook?