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Dear all,

We have been checking out trying to manage our Windows 10 workstations using Intune. We know we can enroll our devices either via MDM or deploying the Intune client. I understand that MS recommends using MDM. But I found that when looking at the workstations with the Intune Admin (Silverlight version), I am getting a lot more information, like software inventory, hardware details. They seem to be more comprehensive. 


Just wondering if this is how people found? Any idea if MS gonna drop the client, please? Or is there something I have missed?




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Hi @cake765

They recommend to use MDM, see article here

As they are referring to it as a legacy client that means they will drop it in the future. They plan to retire the whole silverlight portal and legacy client but still have some last bits of functionality previously available in Silverlight to move over to Azure. The What’s New in Intune page should keep you informed as they backfill this last functionality.

Hope that answers your question!

Best, Chris

Thanks for the reply Chris,

Yeah, from further research does show that MS wants us to move to MDM. Just that I found the Silverlight console seems to be a bit more mature. For example, it groups things into different tabs and makes it easier to navigate. The MDM interface seems to be a bit all over the place. 

I feel that MS is still building various function to the Intune Admin Interface but at the same time not shutting down the Silverlight version.