Get the Intune enrolled devices synced into Azure Active Directory and show up as devices


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I have a question , I hope you can help me with that or give me some hints - I posted this question on Azure Active Directory but have not got any respond from our fellows yet:


Let's say I have added an iPhone in Apple Business Manager, and by a connector (I configured earlier) it comes over to InTune. So as an example when I search for that device by serial number in the Intune --> All Devices, it will be displayed there properly.

But if I go and search for that device on the Devices in Azure AD, it does now show up.

I want to add those devices in to a group so they should be displayed and show up in my AAD.


How can I make/configure my Azure AD or Intune to see my devices which were enrolled in Intune or any way I could get them synced between Intune and AAD? [ Intune --> AAD ]
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@Ali Fadavinia  The good news is that the device is in fact in AAD Devices. Unfortunately, you cannot search for it using the serial number. You can only search by device name or device ID in AAD.



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It does not matter by which field you search it ( device name, management name, device ID, etc.). It does not matter that I can search it thru serial number or any other unique fields- I just want that Azure AD sees that device(s) when I enroll them in the Intune - that is the main purpose for me:


The device(s) shows up in the Intune --> All devices but not showing up in the Azure AD --> All devices.


There should be a solution to get it synced over to Azure Ad.

@Ali Fadavinia  Go to Intune and select the device from the All Devices list. Choose the Hardware tab, then copy the Azure AD Device ID. Go back to Azure AD Devices and search it. The Intune Device ID and the Azure AD Device ID are not the same. Alternatively, if you select the enrolled user from AAD and choose the Devices tab, the enrolled device will also be listed here.


I did check there, Azure Device ID is all zero: 00000000-0000-0000-0000-000000000000

and Intune device ID is: 5112131b-33e5-4e89-95f7-b8e69422141b


I don’t see any ways that you can see the devices in AAD except registering the device using Authenticator App by Going Setting-> Device Registration