Deploying company portal app - new store (0x87D1041C)

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What is the recommended way to deploy the company portal app?
The Microsoft Store for Business is deprecated! But the MS help refers to the old store for Business:
Manually add the Windows 10 Company Portal app - Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Learn
Only the Autopilot Part refers to the new Store (winget)
Add and assign the Windows Company Portal app for Intune managed devices - Microsoft Intune | Micros...

We changed our deployment to the new store, but now we get the error:
"The application was not detected after installation completed successfully (0x87D1041C)"
on several hundred devices.

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You can do it in Intune.

Apps- Windows apps - Add - Microsoft Store app (new) - Type in search Company Pörtal
Same here. Already have an update on this?
That's what he already did. The new store app install type fails a lot with status : The application was not detected after installation completed successfully (0x87D1041C)
Any fix yet? We're seeing the same thing.
Same here. It fails at the ESP and when pushing to already deployed machines, it wont install.



If you go on Windows Apps click on Add select app type and take Microsoft Store app (new) then click on Search the Microsoft Store app (new) then in the search field wirte company portal and take this one and try it on a test machine does it install that way?






You're missing the point. We all did it as you said when the errors came up.

@Jordi_Koenderink Didn't see it sorry!

On our side we still using the Online version of Company Portal with the store for business and it still continue to install with no errors....

Yes. It was working just fine until about a week ago and then it started to error out during ESP.
Have you deploy this by system or by user ???
Well thats the difference we install it by user right now...
MS Documents say to do it as System. I have tried as user but I get not applicable. But i am open to testing again.
i get it now as soon i switch to my business store app to the intune store.... i get message for my portal but if its new installation it gets no error.

Error is:
Error code: 0x87D1041C
The application was not detected after installation completed successfully.

Suggested remediation
Couldn't detect app because it was manually updated or uninstalled by the user.

This is the only one application who does that all the others even Azure VPN client is working well.

@Mathg76  Hello . Any update or solution for this error? I have the same as you and for the moment I dont have any solution. 

All new installations work fine with new company portal but all computers that have the "old" company portal I have this same error code (0x87D1041C)


give me a feedback, if possible.


As far i am testing all new client report well and install well the compagny portal, but all my old one report the error but continue to work well, as Microsoft mention it, it doesn't stop working if the old computer continue to report with that error. Everything is stable so far and it continue to update.

for me the only issue is that some users are receiving an "pop-up" from Microsoft intune telling that the "company portal installation failed" and that is a bit boring since they receive that each day. The company portal is working fine in "old" version but this pop up is a bit boring.

But thanks for your feedback.

Check out Andrew Taylor (MVP) intune newsletter there has been a solution from MVPs to mitigate this.