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Deploy MSI / LOB App as Admin

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Hi All


Any ideas on how to deploy an MSI  via Intune that requires Admin rights to install on systems where the users are Standard Users?


Info appreciated

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@Stuart King Intune deployed Win32 apps are installed using the SYSTEM account which should be privileged enough to install.  If you are getting an MSI error, you could share it here?

@Stuart King Indeed using Win32 app that should be possible.
More on that can be found here

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Hey @Stuart King,


actually this is the standard scenario for most enterprises. Deploy your MSI LOB app as an Win32 app in Intune:




You need to wrap it as an .intunewin ( and then deploy it with the setting Install behavior: System




You have to use the silent install parameters for the installer. This depends on the individual setup you are using, setup.exe have often individual ones like /silent /quiet etc. msi should be more standardized and the content prep tool should you support there and generate command lines like: msiexec /i "Notepad++7.6.6.msi" /q for silent install.


The MS documentation is here: 
Intune Standalone - Win32 app management




@Oliver Kieselbach 

Hey Oliver! Thanks for this post. Do you know why system would be grayed out? Its automatically user