Blocking/Disabling SMS, RCS and iMessage services on a device

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Hi all,


I'm trying to gather more information on Intune capabilities around blocking or disabling various text messaging services on mobile devices.

I have done some research and here are my current understandings:

  • SMS
    • Android: This can be disabled on Samsung Knox Only devices.  Not 100% if this means devices that are enrolled via Samsung's Knox enrollment, but that's what it sounds like.
    • iOS: Did not find any capabilities here.
  • iMessage:
    • Android: N/A
    • iOS: This can be disabled on iOS ADE enrollment device, no other types of enrollment support this for iOS.
  • RCS:
    • Android: Need to utilize OEMConfig profiles, which means it's vendor specific.  Don't have any details here so not sure which OEMs support this for Android.
    • iOS: N/A

Any further information on this would be very appreciated.




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@Durango2k13 on iOS you could also block the message app. That would pretty much do the job. I’m pretty sure if you just block iMessage the device can still send SMS messages.