Autopilot requires three logins

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Hi all,


during the project phase for setting up our AutoPilot process, I noticed that Autopilot requires three (!)logins.


  1. The first one at the welcome screen
  2. The second at the local login
  3. The third when connecting to the Azure AD


We expect our users to log in, walk away, and come back a few minutes later to find their computers ready to use. After all, that's supposed to be the big advantage and point of AutoPilot.


Now it looks like they have to log in again when they come back to complete the account setup. Are these steps intentional or is there a configuration anomaly in my setup as this causes additional difficulty for the user.


Is there a way to resolve this issue?

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Which OS version is in use? There are 2 logins needed for sure for token issuance. 1 at the beginning and the other after device setup is complete. Is the device restarting during this phase by any chance?
The system runs the latest Windows 11 Pro version. However, I must mention that the process includes a hybrid join.

This may be, but I did not notice it exactly now.
aah yes, the great HAADJ. I naturally assumed you were using AAD as I personally stay away from HAADJ and AP. The 3 user sign-ins are unavoidable as far as I know. At best you can disable the user setup stage in the ESP to speed things along.

The same thing happens with us on Windows 11 Autopilot, but on Windows 10 Autopilot with exactly the same profile and settings the third login is not happening and needed - apparently!
Maybe it gets the user from the first login for the enrolment which is the same user in AAD BTW!