apple vpp token status assigned to external mdm

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I have been using Intune for years with no other MDM provider in the mix.  Today, out of nowhere I notice that my VPP token says "apple vpp token status assigned to external mdm".  The ONLY recent thing that I have done is set some applications to NOT update automatically.


I know that simply grabbing back control is the easiest, but curious if anyone else has seen this recently.




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Hi @JutManGraham, I have not seen this personally but there are some information about in in the docs here (which I guess you may have already seen). 

Is there no change that someone else in your organization have accidentally downloaded the token from ABM that may have caused the issue? 

Since this post is a couple of months old, maybe you have got the answer somewhere else? 

@tobiassandberg I had to grab the toke back again. No explanation as to how or why it happened.