Apple devices enrolled with Apple Configurator - deploy favourites

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How can I deploy favourites when the devices are enrolled using Apple Configurator.

Tried deploying Intune Managed Browser - and add the favourites here, but they never reach out to the devices. 

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Hi Michael,

Have you tried on Intune per this article here -

To note it only works for Edge or the managed browser, so not for something like Safari on IoS

Best, Chris

Hi Christopher.

No luck, have added the values so Bookmarks should be populated, and start page.


Can it be due to how the devices are enrolled? All devices are populated in the Intune portal, and the sync proces and app deployment is working fine.

But in Edge and Intune Managed browser, nothing is deployed "in the apps".

Hi Michael,

It could be. If you have just added the values then I would wait for propagation time as its well known that Intune changes can take some time to populate down to the devices.

If you added them a few days ago, I would personally open a ticket to support. If everything else is working fine then it should work.

But one thing I would try before raising it. Have you tried enrolling a device without Apple Configurator? I mean, just have the company portal app on the device and then enroll? Just to rule it out?

Best, Chris
Do the devices have any user affinity?

Also I know on Android when app config policies are applied it's Intune Company Portal that does the work and the app requires to be logged in with a relevant work or school account. (Has not worked without logged in user)

On iOS if you enrol device via Configufator are you supervising also? Do you deploy Company portal as well? As I would test first with pushing that and seeing if the policy applies.

The managed browser should pick up logged in user from company portal.

You can deploy webclips to the home screen via config or adding a web app in Intune and deploy to users or devices.
Yes, think we both would like to see this on an iOS device enrolled through the company portal app and to see if this makes the difference!

Best, Chris



is the app configuration policy assigned to the end user??

Are the end user logged into to Intune managed browser or MS Edge??

The best way in my opinion is to install the authenticator app on IOS then it will work as a SSO broker between managed apps.

The app configuration settings works for both enrolled and non-enrolled devices do to the MAM features.


Kind Regards