Android Managed Home Screen - Guest mode?

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Are there any solutions to setup Android devices with MHS and option to logon as Guest instead of Azure AD?

Or other methods of solving this. 

On iOS this is an option using shared device.


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Yes, it is possible to set up an Android device with Managed Home Screen (MHS) and allow users to log in as guests instead of using their Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) credentials. To do this, you will need to use the Microsoft Intune administration console to create a guest user account and then configure the device enrollment settings to allow for guest enrollment. This will typically involve setting the enrollment type to "device owner" and enabling the "Allow guest enrollment" option.

Once the device is enrolled, users will be able to log in as guests by selecting the guest user account from the login screen. Keep in mind that this will only work if the device is managed by Microsoft Intune and the guest enrollment option is enabled. Also, note that MHS is only available for devices running Android 10 or later, so you will need to ensure that your device meets these requirements in order to use MHS.
Can you please be more specific how to create the guest user account, and how to enable guest enrollment?