Android Enterprise COPE Wifi profile issue

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Working with a customer who is looking at Android Enterprise Corporate Owned, Personally Enabled (COPE) and we are struggling a bit with the Wi-Fi profile.


Their Wi-Fi setup requires certificates which are deployed through SCEP, which seems to be working as intended since both profiles deploys successfully. But for the Wi-Fi profile we get an error with the lovely error code: 0 (No error code).


Anyone else seen this and did you ever find the root cause?


I've re-created the Wi-Fi profile with the same issue. My next idea is to re-create SCEP- and Trusted certificate for Android and see what happens when I have all new profiles (all were created in advance by another admin).


However, on iOS/iPadOS it's all working as intended.


This is what the admin center is showing me:







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Could you share your the observation on the device @olastrom ; Also can you check if the certs have landed successfully on the device

We figured it out, it was actually a bug in Android 11 for Samsung (at least I think that what it was).
It's been working for a while now non the less.