Able to exit Single-app Kiosk mode on Android

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Recently I was testing Single-app Kiosk mode with Android Enterprise.

When I created a Device configuration profile with the Kiosk settings (and Edge as the only app) and I entered Kiosk mode on the assigned device, only Edge would start. When I closed it, it would reappear. All these features are ofcourse expected from Single-app Kiosk, so everything looked fine.

However I was able to press the Overview button (the button that shows all active apps) and press the Multiview settings on the top right. Then I am able to go back a few times until I reach the device settings. There I am able to do everything (including factory reset).


Is this normal that the settings are available when Kiosk mode has been assigned? The only setting I changed in my Device configuration profile was the Kiosk mode to Single App.

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@SamTeerlinckI don`t know if this is 'normal' but I see the same behavior with single-app mode and therefor also set the option in the policy to block factory reset.
When using multi-app mode I don`t see this behavior, but that wouldn`t lanch your app.

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@Peter Klapwijk

I just called with Microsoft Support.
Turns out this isn't really intended when you use Single-app kiosk mode with Android Enterprise.

Solution for the moment is to use the Managed Home Screen in Multi-app kiosk mode together with the single app you want to deploy (in my case Edge). Don't try to use Managed Home Screen on a Single-app kiosk device because then both the Managed Home Screen and the single app will not work properly.