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0x87D13B9F App Install Error

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Hi All


Does anyone know what causes the 0x87D13B9F app installation error and how to fix it?


Error message on Outlook app, which installed fine yesterday but not today:


"An app update is available. Advise the user to update the app using the Intune Company Portal. 0x87D13B9F"


Info appreciated

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@Stuart King  If you are deploying VPP apps to devices, then there are pending updates for those apps. Deployed VPP apps that are set as required can be configured to auto-update from the VPP token (iOS 11+). If this is not configured, users must manually update the apps from the App Store or Company Portal.



Hey thanks for the very quick response.


However, auto app updates is already ON in the VPP token.



@Stuart King  If the VPP apps are deployed as Available with auto-update enabled, this is the expected behaviour. The end-user will need to complete the update.



Hi There


I am deploying Outlook as Required.


Here's my theory.


Outlook for Public App Store was updated yesterday according to the version history. Perhaps there is a delay in getting this updated version to VPP then to the Intune sync, so it's deploying an outdated version, and sending you to the Public App Store. Same thing happened on the 12th of Feb, failed installs and Outlook was updated on the 11th.


iOS Outlook version history.JPG

@Stuart King  That's strange. My Required VPP apps are updating automatically without any reported issues. If it continues to be a problem, try refreshing your VPP token.

If required it should auto update. If deployed as available the user has to manually update from company portal. If its 100% a required install then it should get installed Automatically

There should be no issues however check following settings with in device configuration intune

Block App Store
Block installing apps using App Store
Block automatic app downloads

Kindly refer to the below Article for detailed troubleshooting