Where are Teams in-channel Forms responses stored?

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When creating a Form via the standard route, I can access Forms responses and export to an Excel doc. When creating a Form within Teams, can I later access the results in a similar way? It seems I can just see a card that displays results, which is fine for most cases.

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@CoreySCallahan just to chip in here that in my company we always always use a flow in Power Automate to save form responses to a list in SharePoint so we can later access the results and manipulate them any way we want.


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@CoreySCallahan They don't seem to be stored anywhere that's accessible from SharePoint, but you can still get at the results data in the normal way and export to Excel.


When I've just tried it now I've hit the + on the tabs at the top, then added a new form which gave me a tab called "Edit | Test form"



There's three different types of form tab you can have:


- Edit: edit the questions and view responses with the "export to excel" button

- Results: Card showing the results in a simpler view with no option to export

- Fill: Form for people to fill in with no access to results or ability to edit anything


You can add extra tabs for an existing form and pick which type you want - although they don't have the same name in this screen as they do on the tabs:


Here, "Collect responses" = Fill, "Show results" = the results card and "Collaborate" = Edit.

@CoasterKatyThis makes sense and seems to be the better way to create Forms. When I create one within the normal messaging toolbar (pictured), it seems to maybe be a slimmed down Form. Pre-making the Form seems to be better option.


I appreciate your help!

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@CoreySCallahan Oh - I didn't even know you could add a form that way! Just had a go and the form itself is saved in "My Forms" for whoever created it, so and you should see it in there, named after the question, from in there you can go into Responses and export to Excel.

@CoasterKatyOh wow! I swear I didn't even see that yesterday :lol:


Thanks again!