VIewing SharePoint List Data in a MS Form

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I have a MS Form which collects information and adds this to a SharePoint list via MS Flow. So far, so good. 


I have 2 questions though


1. Can I create a single form and restrict the data users see based on permissions? For example, I would want external users to see Section 1 but internal users to see Sections 1 and 2


2. Is it possible to open the same Form and show a row of data from the SharePoint list in the MS Form? So, once data had been received from an external source, I wanted to send an alert to an internal user to view the data submitted in the MS Form and then add some additional criteria.


I realise this could be done using PowerApps but wondered if Forms also supported such a scenario.


Many thanks in advance,


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@Colin2307 neither of your questions are currently possible in Forms. Additionally, you can only have a form which is either visible to those in your organisation, or visible to anyone with a link. So you can't have questions visible based on whether someone is internal or external.

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Thank you Rob. I figured as much but thought I'd ask anyway. Did some testing earlier and I see Forms is one way. PowerApps it is.