Using Dynamics to populate forms options




Is it possible to use values from a Dynamics 365 entity to populate options in a question in MS Form? Thanks!



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Hi @ezequiel2235 


Standard Microsoft Forms can't do this and I'm aware that Forms Pro can store results in Dynamics 365 though I'm not sure whether it can draw the data out into questions.


Depending on how complex your form is, you could build a custom form using PowerApp and Power Automate (Dynamics 365 connector) to populate questions though it may take you a bit of research if you haven't used the apps before.


Good luck!


@Christopher Hoard, any ideas about Dynamics 365 being able to populate Forms Pro questions? 

Hmm, thanks @Damien Rosario but not sure tbh

Maybe @Rob Elliott would know on this one. He's good with Forms and Business Apps so maybe he's come across this ask previously

Best, Chris