Unable to access forms created to collect response

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Hi there,


My colleague has created a form for our campaign and we suddenly we cant access the form to collect response. She is supposedly the owner of form but suddenly not able to access the backend.


The form ID is uRKWJXahak2_flT5TTaqGbuZzf-7_ZRLqIp5s6ZAAo5UMUc4RzlBREFCM0lNNUs3R0FJTURTNkxMSi4u 


Here's the trouble message screenshot

Screenshot 2023-01-20 at 9.26.38 AM.png


Is there a way to find out the owner of this form and access it?

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Hi @ValerieTA 


Hope you are well.


See if this works for your colleague?




Was the form attached to her account or was it moved to SharePoint? If it's a SharePoint group, then she may have lost access if she's not a group owner.


See how you go with the above as a first step?


Cheers and best wishes