Turning on Forms for an E3 Tenancy

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I can't get forms to work. I have it turned on in our tenancy and my account is licensed. When I go to forms.microsoft.com I get this error:


Microsoft Forms is not launched to your organization yet


Any ideas?

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Hi Beau, 


Please note only organizations enrolled in “first release for everyone” are being turned on during June.


You may find broad updates in Message Center post MC106358 and you may find more detailed updates in the following UserVoice post:




Hope that helps,



Any update on when it will go to a larger group? We are currently set to "first release for everyone" however we probably weren't set to that when you initially went live with forms, we were first release for select users at that time. 

Loren, if you are in "first release for everyone", Forms should be there for you. It does not matter when you chose that option (it may take up to a day for Forms to become available after selecting the option, however).



Any idea when this will be open to selected users ?  We do not want to open the entire tenant to first release, just to enable functionality for a limited set of users...


Thanks !