Turn off "Save the response"

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Hello everyone, is it possible to turn off the feature "Save the response"?





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Looking for a solution on this too - little confused how it happens particularly with the following option selected. 

MS Forms Pic.PNG



Also, looking for how to remove this. It doesn't appear on forms created last week only on any new form I created from today.



I am Also running into the same issue. I want to turn off the "Save the responses" button at the end of the Form and I cannot find any way to remove it. I have looked for solutions on the Forms application and with Flow but there is no option to turn this off. Please advise.

Hi @VikVid 

My guess is that this is a new feature.


I also would like to turn it off , because user's saving forms they've filled in becomes a RECORD and Compliance manager's nightmare.

  • Where are the "filled forms" kept?
  • how long are they kept for?
  • what retention disposal options do we have?


MICROSOFT Forms Product team - please please give us some ADMIN tools, or we'll have to move to a different online forms provider like JotForms.


I tried to figure some of this out:


If you click it the "save response" button, filled in version of the form is saved and accessible via


when you click on the "filled forms" filter.

The ... dots on that filled in form, does have a "remove from my portal" option.

When you click the "remove from my portal" option , if you go back to https://forms.office.com/Pages/DesignPageV2.aspx?prevsubpage=undefined then click on the "My forms" filter, then click on the "recycle bin" button (bottom right) the filled in form IS NOT IN the recyclebin.



Hi all,


I did some playing around and think I found a solution. 


I tried one of the template options, "Gain Insights through user research" as shown below:

MS Forms Template Example.PNG

and noticed that at the end I wasn't prompted to save my response. 


I just then edited it to fit what I needed and it still worked - there must be some sort of setting we cannot access when attempting to create from scratch.


Hope this works for you guys.

I also found a work around.... 


It seems to only happen on new forms I create. All my old forms are fine. 


So all I did was saved a copy of one of my old forms and deleted all the questions then saved it as Blank Template. I can now just create a copy of this each time I need a new form until this is resolved. 


Hope this helps anyone else. 


@Hyoogow Workaround will work for anyone who doesn't already have an old form to copy. 



Ah that's good news and makes sense as this was the first time I created one so I had to use a template instead.

@Hyoogow  - well it worked when I first set it up, but as soon as I played with my styling and associated my form to a group, then it stopped working sadly :( 

@VikVid We came across the same problem with a customer that uses Forms on multiple occasions. This makes it impossible for him to use it anymore so that is really bad. I did some research on the topic and had some hope that there might be a PowerShell solution at the least but as far as I could see, there is nothing in that regard.


This is really, really bad. We need the possibility to turn off this button. Otherwise MS Forms can not be used within many use cases.

this is a terrible new "feature", it renders the form useless by making it confusing to the user. as far as I can tell, there is no template that doesn't have it, and there is no way to turn it off.