This form can't be distributed as it is asking for personal or sensitive information

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Dear team,

I have been using forms for months, and today I have got this new  error message:

'This form can't be distributed as it is asking for personal or sensitive information. Contact your admin for assistance.'

I have read in other threads it happened before to other users.

Could you please let me know how to fix this problem.


Thank you

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I have a form doing this now too... and it now says Form can no longer be accessed. Please HELP!

one of the forms we were having issues with seems to magically fixed itself... thanks microsoft

We use MS Forms for everything from COVID temp scan at the door to manufacturing parts tracking! I've got about 140 "my form is gone" texts right now... Where are we on getting this resolved?! Is there any action on the admin/user side that can help restore the forms?

@David_Elsner seems like the problem is getting fixed... at least our forms are up and running again without us having to change anything....

I am still getting the same issue but only with some of my Forms, Does anyone have any more information on this?

@JamianP Still having the same issue with one of my forms we use for onboarding... worked absolutely fine until yesterday and need it as Im developing a PowerApps flow with it


Update: Literally refreshed the page and it works now... how very very odd

@joshkelly60 Tried that and still no luck, horrible timing as well as I have just moved all IT Forms to Paperless MS Forms and now some of them aren't working! I am going to raise a direct case with MS.

@JamianP Rubbish isn't it... we have done the same over the last year and moving everything to the cloud... trouble with tech (I'm the IT guy at my company) :(


Just had a phone call about it and they did recommend to change or update the phishing policy as a few people have reported the same issue. They suggested to make a new phishing policy/ turn off existing ones (not the greatest fix, might just need to hold on until it fixes itself but its below for you):


As discuss this are the steps how to disable the phishing settings.


In the Security & Compliance Center, go to Threat management > Policy > ATP anti-phishing.


On the Anti-phishing page, click Create.


The Create a new anti-phishing policy wizard opens. On the Name your policy page, configure the following settings:


Name: Enter a unique, descriptive name for the policy.


Description: Enter an optional description for the policy.


When you're finished, click Next.


On the Applied to page that appears, identify the internal recipients that the policy applies to.




SOLVED. As admin, log into office365. select "Admin Center" --> "Health" --> "Message Center". Look for a message with the subject: Microsoft Forms Phishing Notification


Within this message, there are links to the forms, where you can click "Unblock":


Part 2 Auto Detected Potential Phishing Forms

We have temporarily blocked these form(s) from distribution and response collection as we've detected potential phishing in these forms.
As global admin or security admin, you can access the URL(s) below, review the form(s) and take actions accordingly.
Note that upon review, you may see the block has already been lifted if no potential phishing threats were further detected for that form (i.e. creator of the form removed keywords that were flagged for potential phishing).

Forms admin review URL: ZEVAC MRO Ticket 

Forms admin review URL: TEMPERATURE LOG 

Review the form(s) to take the following actions:

  • If a form is legitimate and not intended for phishing purposes, click the 'Unblock' button.

At my school, a teacher received this message when she was taking a course questionnaire. She didn't have any personal questions, just questions about the contents of the discipline. Since then, she has not been able to take questionnaires, because the same alert always appears. The IT administrator received the alert, but could not prevent it from repeating itself. My colleague can't figure out what she's doing wrong! Microsoft, what policy is this?! If this continues, we'll have to stop using Forms!

My school's IT did it and the problem was solved!
The IT administrator for your Office 365 tenant should login to security admin center and review the incident and unblock the form.
Hello- Is there a way to fix this- was working on form and everything was fine- until I got this error This form can't be distributed as it is asking for personal or sensitive information. Contact your admin for assistance. Terms of use

Is there a way to fix this or see what is causing the issue- or what part of text I may have entered for question is causing it? thanks a million!