Theme color not changing in Microsoft Forms

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Hi there,


When I am using Microsoft Forms, I uploaded a header image and a background and it defaults to an orange color for the header text bar. I want that header text bar to be blue... 


Even when I change the theme first then put add the background image, it defaults to orange.


Anyone know how to fix? 



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Hi Shannon


To my understanding (others can chime in if I am wrong), but you can't change the orange colour directly.


  • When you select one of the default colours, it will colour the background and the boxes in that colour.
  • When you select one of the pre-made themes, it will put a background image and change the colour of the boxes per that pre-made theme.
  • When you try to upload a background image, I am not aware of how you can alter the colour of the boxes.

Here's an example with the pre-made orange theme with background, and my blue theme. Notice the blue theme boxes are the wrong colour.





Clicking onto any of the above points will reset your previous choice, which is why you keep losing your preferred colour upon clicking onto your desired background image.


It definitely needs to be an option for users. Maybe the Microsoft folk can add it to their to-do list?




Aw man, that's so unfortunate. It's default is this weird orange color -- and our company branding does not match that... Shoot
We have the same issue here. It's kind of a one or the other option except the coloured options aren't very flush with other colours that we can use.

This product was designed for schools and I believe they want to also adapt this to business thus the current themes are child friendly.

Guess it's a wait and see! If this has answered your question, please remember to select it as the best answer so that others will know we have resolved it!

Good luck!


I just tried my own picture - it was a logo in bleu and gold. the dialogs in the form changed their bars to gold. Cool I thought it picked the dominant colour. Except that when I tired again it never happened (my dialogs stay green) - even if I change the them colour then load the picture back to green they go. Id think I imagined it except the gold/yellow colour I got the first time doesn't appear to be a theme colour.

Unfortunately still no update to allow us to create custom themes. I suspect you had random luck getting it to work in the first place maybe.

Hopefully coming one day soon!


@Damien Rosario 


If you are still looking for a solution to this, I can assist.


If you go under THEME > You will see the option to change the background pic, along with a pain bucket icon. When you click that, you'll be able to enter a custom HEX code.


Hope it helps.



Thanks pal. It's a great value add to be able to choose your own colours now.




@ashep Thank you! This is very helpful. :)


System doesn't seem to be accepting my 'like' selection...

I too experienced this issue (11/2020) and found this post, which lead me to do some testing, and I learned some information that might be helpful to others.


Note:  I'm only using a header for my form (I added as a Section image and left the Title and Description fields blank); the background color will be solid.


  1.  I created a 5000px x 5000px .png solid black (#000000)
  2. When uploaded, my black background trigged the fields to highlight #FFE6E6 (very pale red) with black (unseen) trimmings.
  3. I changed the color of my background image to orange #FBBA00 and the fields became highlighted #FFF7E6 (very pale orange) with brown trimming. (See example below)
  4. Background color #00BBA1 (strong cyan), fields #e6fff9 (very pale cyan)
  5. For the final test, I uploaded a very colorful background and the field colors used elements of maroon and very pale maroon. (See example below)

My suspect conclusion:  

  • Solid color backgrounds trigger fields that are the 'very light' version of the background color and some type of complimentary trim.
  • Backgrounds with images?  I have no idea and I'm glad I'm not going that route.

I hope this helps ya'll.


MS Forms Background 5.png


MS Forms Background 4.png  

Maroon Fields.png


Very helpful! Thank you