Submission date and time for Forms extracted using power automate

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I am using power automate to extract responses from a Form into excel.  I had thought that I would be able to use the forms generated  submission date/time for analysis.   However, the format

(7/27/22 13:17:32) extracted doesn't seem to be excel compatible.  What I mean is that I am unable to reformat it using the format cell functionality, or even transform it into a number, as you can with standard dates in excel.  

I am just wondering if I am missing something here or whether I need to get the user to actually select the date of submission?

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I should add that I have tested the excel file that you download directly from Forms and that does maintain the integrity of the excel date format. So it appears to me that power automate is just taking the date/time format at 'face value' and ignoring and 'intelligence' within the value. Does that make sense?