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Capturar.PNGI Have some forms and they work fine for the past months, today they stop work and dont appear.


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Hi, could you please give more details about the context? How did you land to this page?


The foto i post is what people see when open the link to the form.

I never had problems and i can count about 1500 responses to this form.

But now it desapear 

Just to clarify:
1. the photo you showed is the responder-view, when people try to open the link to answer the question, right?
2. what do you mean by disappearing? What disappeared? when did this disappear? can you access to the response tab?
3. did you set up any "closed date" to this form?


1º Yes, this is what people see when try to open the form

2º Just notice today, cant be sure the exact day. Friday i think it was ok. I cant see the responses

3º I dont think i set up a close date

You said "I have SOME forms..." -- do you mean this issue happening to many other forms?


yes. at least 2 forms

Would you mind share a collaborate link or response url for us to investigate?
Which browser are you using?


I dont have access to the first URL. is it share to anyone? or this is the bug you refer to?



no it is restricted to our organization

1. regarding the first response url, people in your org cannot open it? And the 1500+ responses disappeared? right?
2. I can successfully open the second response URL, what is the problem with it?


1 right

2 the problem is that responses are not available


2. what do you mean that responses are not available?
- you cannot open the response tab?
- or there is 0 responses shown in response tab even though you know some submitted?
- or the responses disappeared for some reasons?


It just desapear, i cant even edit the form.

Cant get access to edit any of the links i send you.


Resuming, i can access to subsmit answers but i cant acess to edit and see the answers

you can't open the 2nd form from your account? neither problem tab nor response tab?


I can open the forms to submit answers but i cant get access to edit or view answers.

Not just the response tab.

I used to have 4 forms and now just have 2...the links i send you used to be in here:


This is "shared with me" tab, are you the owner of all 4 forms? Or the owner stopped sharing it with you?@psantos 

Hi @psantos 

Both URLs you sent to my shows "this forms doesnt exist". Did you or any one from your team delete it?




no @Yuanquan 

i can still get access to submit from the url's i send you