Sending confirmation email based off of form input.

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I have a daily health check form my field fills out. During the process they select their manager. Is there a way an email can be sent to their manager stating that they have filled out the form?


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Basically it would send an email based on the manager they chose. I can replace the managers name with their email if that helps the situation. @Charles665 

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Hi Charles (@Charles665) you can't do this with Forms on its own, but you can do it easily with a  simple flow in Power Automate that gets the form response and the details of the responder's manager and sends them an email.


Create an instant flow from blank.


1. The trigger is a Forms when a new response is submitted and you select your form from the dropdown. The first action is to get the response details. Again you select your form, then from the dynamic content box the only thing you can select is Response Id.




2. Forms knows who the user is in your organization so you don't need to ask them to enter their manager in the form, you just select an Office 365 Users get manager (v2) action and from the dynamic content box you select Responder's Email:




3. Finally you send the manager an email with a send an email (v2) action. In the To box select Mail from the Get manager (v2) section of the dynamic content and add in the other information you want to give to the responder's manager:




Come back with any questions about this.


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Really appreciate your help!! I'll try this. @RobElliott 

@RobElliott Thanks for this, first time power automate user... I have the same scenario but have external participants outside the organization filling out the form. I'd like them to get an email confirmation that they submitted and also send an email to an internal contact who is auditing incoming submissions. Appreciate any insight.

@VinTanya as the people completing the form are outside the organisation you will need a question in your form for them to enter their email address. Then in the To field of the send an email action you just select that question from the dynamic content box. You can copy in the person auditing the submissions by adding their email address into the CC or BCC field under the advanced options of the send an email action.


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