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I see that this questions has been posed in multiple places, multiple times.  We currently have a product that we use for Surveys, not SurveyMonkey or anything like that.  It literally integrates with our CRM.

Our license will be expiring 5/31 with this company and I've been tasked with researching new survey options.  Because we now have the full blown version of O365, I'm trying to get user adoption so we can finally work within one system....AND....move towards 21st century thinking.


My problem with MSForms is two fold.  There are others - but the main problems are:

a.  You cannot create 'sections' as you can with other products.

b.  You cannot create a numbering system, so for example - instead of just 1, 2, 3 for each question - I 'may' want 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, etc.....  OR  the ability to not show numbers at all.

Okay - one more - we need to have the ability to direct our thank you for taking the survey to a specific site. 


These options would appear, in my mind, to be relatively easy options to incorporate into the program.  I see that these questions have been posed since 2016.  We're almost in the middle of 2018.  Shouldn't these have been addressed by now?


Please consider putting some of these requests further towards the top of the list.  Yes - I have read and posted to the User Voice section, but nothing seems to be going on there with those requests.


Thank you for your time and consideration.


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Agreed, this would be a great development for something I am currently working on. 

I totally agree. We have accounts with two survey tools and would dearly love to move onto Forms to save money and get things in one place. Along with the above mentioned improvements more question types would be great and having some sort of road-map would make planning for the future a bit easier. 


So Microsoft, please help us help you and make things a bit more transparent for us. What is your vision for Forms. Is it meant to be competition for the Monkey and the Gizmo, or will it stay just a small, lightweight tool good for short and very simple surveys forever?



Thanks for reaching out to us and we are already working on this.

This is great news! When do you anticipate having the feature available to add sections in Forms? Thanks!

...and crickets.

I agree Sections for Microsoft Forms would be great - although you could use Branching to get "fake" section breaks - but that's not ideal.


Finally if we were able to add a Text Block to Forms that would be awesome - The Text block would let you just add explanatory text in the middle of the survey.


Just "Add Form Element"  Would bring up a chooser:

  • Add question
  • Add image
  • Add text block

Unfortunately, that would create a numbered question.  It's not the same.

If you wanted 5 questions in section one, you'd want them numbered 1-5.

If you then have 8 questions in section two, you'd want them numbered 1-8.

And above each section a blurb or heading of some sort.


Not only that, we also asked them to have question 'groups'.

Such as 1a, 1b, 1c, 2a, 2b, 2c, etc.

AND.... even better - an option to NOT have any numbers at all.

@Yong Qiu Has this been addressed yet? I would love to be able to switch from Google Forms to Microsoft but it doesn't have all the bells that Google has at this point. Please press this issue to the top of your list of things.

@TiffHam For section feature, we plan to roll out to 100% by the end of March.

@Zhongzhong Li  Got a lot of feedback on sections that may be helpful.

This is awesome, we would be waiting for this feature to migrate Google forms to O365 Forms. Thanks Yong!!!
I'm looking forward to using this feature on a few new forms. How can I access and implement this? Has this feature fallen behind schedule?

@Yong Qiu 

Did this feature roll out didnt happend? as per you it was end of March 2019. We are eagerly waiting to complete Google Forms migrations to 0365 Forms. Appreciate if you can respond to this. Thanks

Narasimha Chary

@Yong Qiu wrote:

@TiffHam For section feature, we plan to roll out to 100% by the end of March.

@Zhongzhong Li  Got a lot of feedback on sections that may be helpful.


@Yong QiuI join the club of people eagerly waiting for the functionality to add sections to Microsoft Forms. I have to migrate from Google Forms to Office365 Forms soon. So, any real outlook of the availability?!


@narasimhachary  @ynzejan  So sorry for the delay, Section has been rolling out to high-touch customers and it will reach 100% Production around mid-April

I am also eagerly awaiting this functionality! I'm glad it is supposed to roll-out soon

@Yong Qiu 

Hope the section feature is available today?

@Yong Qiu Do you have an update when this will be rolled out? This functionality would be a huge benefit to our group, and one of the deciding factors for using Microsoft Forms 



I'm using this feature now.


Open a form. Click Add new -> ellipses (next to Date) -> Section. I can see a list (Ranking, Likert, Net Promoter Score, and Section). Good luck.