Scan for duplicate forms.

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Sometimes, you want to count the amount of duplicate inputs a person input in a form, but excelhave functions to do that, but if we can have it in the form side, that will be better.

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Hi @kslai,

Currently open as a uservoice here

Not many votes so far - and as I am not sure that it’s 100% exactly what you need, you can always open/add a new uservoice for duplicate check in a Microsoft Form at the same site.

Hope that answers your question

Best, Chris

@kslai Hi kaslai, thanks for reaching out. I assume you may set the form as "Anyone with the link could responde" so some people will submit multiple times. Do i understand right?

I mean sometimes people might send different response, but sometimes the same for the whole form,if we can directly check that, without using the spreadsheet, that will be great