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How to create a form asking my clients to select 5 criteria among 20 for instance and then to rank only these 5 criteria in a second step


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@Switchutioning there really isn't an effective way of doing that in Forms. 


A ranking question can only have 10 options to rank, not the 20 that you require.


A choice question can have more than 20  options and you can make it multi-choice and limit it to exactly 5. Then you'd need to have a ranking question with 5 options which the user can drag into ranking order. But you can't pass the text of what they selected into a different question, so you'd need to do it the way I've shown in the images below and it's not an ideal solution.






A likert question can have a maximum of 20 statements so that might be another option. But there is no way to stop the user ranking more or less than 5.




My choice out of these would be the choice question followed by the ranking question.


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