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I have New MS forms created (Both from respective user account and not group associated)


In my developer tenant i can see response receipt section and hence can enable email notification . However, this whole section is missing from another production tenant. None of the Forms created have this options and hence can not enable email notification. Any idea why this might be happening? Does user license type plays a role here? Other two sections i.e. options for response and who can fill the form are available in both forms. Only last one is missing.




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@Rohit Devmore I have this problem. I used to get email notifications but it stopped and the option had disappeared from my Settings. 

Same here. I don't have that option and can't find anywhere in the Admin settings to enable.

I have the same problem.
Whatever I try - the settings does not show the needed entries.
The supporter did not find a solution via chat
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@Rohit Devmore 


I have the same problem. Has this question been answered?  I need help. Thank you.

I am also having this issue.  I would also love to see receipts sent to the person submitting the form.  We are relying on Google because we do not have these options in Microsoft.

@maryhotovy yes you do have the option in Microsoft, just not with Forms on its own. You can build a flow in Power Automate to get each form response save it if you wish to a SharePoint list (we ALWAYS do this for backup & audit reasons) and send a confirmation email to the form submitter with the details of what they submitted and - if you saved it to SharePoint - the unique ID of their form submission. We use this for our IT support ticketing system which has had over 20000 tickets submitted over the last 3 years and we've also recently done the same for a public consultation for a local authority.


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