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Can you reply to a question in Microsoft Forms by adding a photo/ taking a picture?


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Hi @DanAllenM3 you'd need to use Power Automate to 1) save the form response to a SharePoint list, 2) get a photo from a SharePoint asset library based the answer selected in the form and then 3) send the email back to the responder with the photo.


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Hi @RobElliott 


Sorry I meant can Forms be set up so the responder replies with a photo as their answer.



Question: Please take a photo of the front of your vehicle

Answer: Responder takes photo of vehicle


Thank you

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Hi @DanAllenM3 


You could use File upload to get the responder to submit a photo (or other type of file). Note it does not work with the Anyone with with the link can respond.




You can find the option in + Add new > Drop down arrow > File upload 




Hopefully that will do the trick for your needs.


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@DanAllenM3 apologies, I misunderstood. In which case @Damien Rosario 's answer is the one you need.



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Hi, when I try to do this the file upload option isn’t able to be clicked. Any idea why?

@hjacklin17 if you've got your form set to "Anyone with a link can respond" then the file upload option is not available. It is only available if the form only allows people in the organisation to respond.


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@Damien Rosario I was trying to do so, but in the dropdown list the option to upload does not appear.

Do you know if I need something special in order to do it??


As I've mentioned before in this thread, if anyone with a link can respond to your form then they can't upload a form. That option is only available if "Only peole in y organisation can respond" is set.

@Damien Rosario  You made my day ! Thanks to your answer I could improved my work :stareyes:!


So basically I need to go back to google forms if need responses from outside of organization? 

@KDISTIN yes, a responder from outside your organization cannot respond with a file/image.


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@Damien Rosario 

Hi Damien, I am working with some older app testers who use a form to report bugs. Because they are not very computer savvy, saving a screenshot as a file and then uploading it is quite a challenge. It would be great if they can paste it. Also, they are external to the organization, and file uploading is not allowed for them. Any suggestions?

Hi @danstorch 


Hope you're well.


Forms wouldn't work for you (I haven't used Forms Pro in a long time so not sure if it can do it) but you could try other options like maybe Survey Monkey and then use Power Automate to help capture and manipulate the data in SharePoint, etc.


Note that SurveyMonkey and other connectors in Power Automate may cost money.


I suppose another option could be to have them log the initial ticket and then Power Automate captures the detail in SharePoint, and then responds to them automatically requesting images which can then be sent via return email (and manually processed by the agent looking after the case).


I've done something similar for a service desk type system that I've created using Forms, Power Automate and SharePoint.


Hope something in this assists.


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i'm sorry but threre's no such   a thing "file upload" feature in my forms @Damien Rosario 

@smtilampung you should see it as in the screenshot below. But if your form allows anyone to respond then file upload is not available.




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