questitions and images in forms

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Hi, I have found the following: Under one question you can only insert images in landscape format.

what is the aspect ratio that an image must have at least?

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Hi @Olaf Nennker


I'm not aware of any definitive guides on this so I do trial and error for my own stuff, however this Microsoft page could be of assistance to you:


Hope that helps!




Thank you, I know this website.

the problem is that you can only insert images in landscape format in forms, not in portrait format.

Try it with my example picture. Regards Olaf


Hi @Olaf Nennker


This is the result I get.





You can zoom in as well when configuring the image. You can also put a hyperlink to an image which could help to show a full size version of your graphic.


Please let me know if I am misunderstanding you?




Hi, that's exactly the result I get.
This image is in portrait (vertical) format. If the image were in landscape (horizontal) format, it would be completely represented under the question. That's what I wanted to achieve.

If you rotate the Image, then it works.
How to put a link on the picture?

Hi @Olaf Nennker


I have a couple of ideas here to help you out.


  1. Adding a hyperlink to an image - You could have the image hosted somewhere online (or accessible via SharePoint) and add the URL to the question text as it will automatically turn into a web link. Clicking onto the link opens a new web tab so your Form data is preserved and lets the user also zoom in and explore your image.
  2. Not a solution but a work around, you could edit the image and add WIDTH to it (centre the actual image) thus making it landscape and so it will go under the question as you have described. Zooming in to the image will be problematic (depends on the image and what they are seeing) but this would achieve your desired result of the image being under the question. 

As Forms doesn't do what you want it to do in the way you want to do it, these two work around could help. 


Hope that gives you something to work with?