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Hi, I am using Forms at work to collect data from different regions about the legal entities in each region.

I created a separate quesltionnaire for each region, listing the entities in the first question. Therefore the respondent is required to select an entitiy and to answer the following questions accordingly.

What I want to know is whether there is an option to eliminate or mark one entity after a questionairre in which the entity was selected has been submitted.

Many thanks

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Hi @Nico5 


Sounds like you are using Branching within your form.


You can set the form to only allow one response per person, so if I am correct, this should mean only one response per entity


However, you can't grey out/eliminate one entity/branch within the form after it has been answered. This may be a good idea for a uservoice


To note, there is a Pro version of Forms coming soon. However, it remains to be seen if something like this is included. So I would still recommend the uservoice if you have time.


Hope that answers your question


Best, Chris