Question text not wrapping around an image in Forms

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Hi all,


I'm creating an online test for my students in MS Forms. For many of the questions, an image is required. However, when I upload an image, the text that is my question is not formatted to fit the now-reduced space to the left of the image. Instead, the image is right-justified, and the text is completely below the image. Which looks a little unprofessional.

If my question is short (a few words), then the text is placed to the left of the image, which breaks all of the consistency!

My only workaround is to enter the question text, insert the image and then play around with line breaks to get the text to fit in the space to the left of the image, which takes some time to do, and is a bit faffy.


See my screenshot; should be clear.


Now, for Question 1, I have now added line breaks to 'sort it out' and get this:


It surely cannot be like this? If I have 50 questions, and have to faff around with line breaks... Any tips, or is this an issue to be reported to MS?





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