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So I'm trying to figure out how to get this question numbering format. I have over 50 forms and only one of them looks like this. Any ideas on how to recreate .. cuz I like it a lot better than the normal formatting.

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Found it. Turns out that if you attach an image to a question .. it completely changes the formatting of all the questions in the form to the above format .. which frankly looks better than the default formatting.


How about that hackery

So did some testing .. looks like if you put a transparent image (143 x 19 pixels) and make the image the small size .. you actually get a reasonable effect for both computer and mobile layouts. It's not perfect but it is serviceable for most layouts. You can drop this into a question as well . but it explodes a bit for narrow screens but if you have a typical display/monitor it should be ok to just drop the image in one of the questions. I would suggest dropping into a question that has a very short label.
one last reply .. then I close this out.

Turns out a better solution is to actually designate a question at the end of your form. add the image there and then use branching to totally bypass the question. So in the next to last question in the form .. just set the branching for the question or all question responses to "End of form" and that question will be totally bypassed.

So no impact on the form and all of the cooler formatting.