Public uploading of Files in Microsoft Forms


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I am looking for a way for the public to upload files to my Microsoft Forms.  


We are providing rental assistance to individuals but, its useless if they cannot upload the required documents.  The form works without the upload option.


So here is the question is there a way for a public user to upload documents using  MS forms or SharePoint portal.





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@cbenson7  the ability to upload attached files is limited in MS Forms to only people in your organisation. There is no way yet that external people can do so.

Los Gallardos
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 This is so frustrating and dragging on so long WHY ??? We can't wiat any longer for enabling upload from outside organisation and will have to use a non Microsoft solution. 


agreed. still using google forms bc of this simple feature that does not exist in ms forms. we can really have data security problems in the future, and I honestly cant understand why it cant be done.