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I created an information-collection form last week and one user was able to use it successfully. Based on feedback from that user, I modified the form a little. Yesterday, another user submitted multiple responses using the form, and while I can see the responses in the form results, those results did not populate the associated Excel file at all. I tried opening the Excel file from the form itself, but the file just keeps Loading.... I've waited over 10 minutes for it to open.


Is there a way for me to see or update the path to the associated Excel file from the form itself? I really don't want to have to completely rebuild the form just to fix the association. I also have a lot of data to retrieve from the second user, and retrieving it one page at a time will be tedious.


If it helps, the form is at

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Hi Kweiss,

AFAIK, there is no way to see or update the path of the associated file if you have created the Form online in Microsoft Forms. There are known issues when doing it online. See the Uservoice here:

Personally, I would recommend to recreate the form, but to do so through SharePoint, OneDrive in Teams because you will be able to easily access the excel which has a live data connection to the form, as well as resync the data.

This should give you a better experience.

Hope this helps and that I have answered your question.

Best, Chris

Hi @kweiss


I personally haven't experienced the issue but I would recommend trying a couple of things:


1. Load for the Form results in different web browsers to see if that helps with downloading the Excel file.

2. Log a ticket with Microsoft Support to get them to send you the Form results if they can.

3. Recreate the form in Office365 in SharePoint/OneDrive online by going to New > Forms for Excel. It would be worth it in the long run to get direct access to the Excel file results in real-time I would suggest.




Best wishes with your Form!