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I have noticed that if I want to print the form, not a summary of the responses but the actual form, then the webprint view only prints 1 page. If the form actually spans quite a few questions then it does not print multiple pages to pick up the other questions that are not displayed on the screen. In other webprints of websites, any info below the visible screen area prints as subsequent pages. Is this a bug and is there a way to get this to work.

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I've had the same problem. I've posted it on the Uservoice forum.
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I too have that problem, but my work around is to just copy and paste the response into word, then print.
thanks for taking the time and sharing your feedback with us. I have shared this issue with our team. User voice is the best place to vote for your fav ideas and share your new ideas with us. We are committed to consider the top voted ideas on our user voice site.

This comes up in various places without answers so I copy this answer in:


There is a way, but it is not very obvious: Check out the 3 dots on the response page circled in red.

It is NOT in the 3 dots menu on the top right circled in bright green.

The circled is the option to print (sorry, I am on a German setting page)





But I want to print the list of questions and not just the responses.  I'd like a printed version of just the questions with no responses.

@MarWerNo thank you for posting that. Unfortunately that link, whilst it does lead to the "Print Summary" option, still only prints out the first page of the summary and ignores any questions/responses beyond that. 

Hi there, 

My workaround for this is to highlight the questions in the 'question' view, hit CTRL+P and limit the printing to 'selection only'. You can then print or save as PDF. 


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Hi vcsheather,

That makes sense and I can then recombine the various screen print pdfs, thanks. I was just hoping that Microsoft would have built a printing facility into forms so we could produce an offline / printable version of a survey as needed. Thanks again.
This is still an issue. Please fix so that printing from "view my responses" actually prints the whole survey, not just the first page for some bizarre reason.

I work it out this way.

I use the share link (send and collect responses) and open it in Google Chrome. Right-click on the form and print. Either you print or in the printer destination, choose to save as pdf. 

You will be able to see all questions.

@MeeraJayaraj Unbelievable. Going back to  Chrome to correctly print a Microsoft Form because Microsoft doesn't make that possible.  Makes me wonder why in the WORLD am I using MS Forms.

Thanks for the work around. Leave it Google to provide a workaround for a Microsoft Product.

Simple trick that works almost 100% of the time.


Copy the forms link to google chrome, then hit Ctrl P on the page.


you should be able to print / save all pages on the form already.